Hôtel de Paris

About Us


In operation for over 30 years, the Hotel de Paris has welcomed guests from all over the world. The hotel has always been a hotel of great value and variety, offering each guest a room and experience tailored to their needs. Whether it’s a small economy room or an executive suite with a balcony overlooking Sherbrooke Street, Hotel de Paris offers the same level of service to each of its guests.

The staff at Hotel de Paris understands the needs of today’s traveler. With a very small operating staff, it is essential that the entire team shares all the skills required to deliver an exceptional experience.


Originally opened as a small 9-room hotel, the property grew with the ever-changing landscape of the city. With the popularity of the hotel, an addition was built to bring the total number of rooms to 25.

In early 2012, the original annex was completely renovated to upgrade the economy rooms with improved comfort and amenities. In the summer of 2012, Hotel de Paris completed construction of a third floor to its annex building that now houses 6 new executive rooms with modern finishes.

And now, the hotel has been renovated once again in 2021 to serve its guests in the best way possible. Thanks to the commitment of the new management team, the hotel now awaits its new guests with its new look and facilities.

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